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#Phenomenally U Tweet Party with @rollingout : Topic: “Ex’s”, “Wives”, and “Love.” 11/1/12

An online empowerment party for young women of the Reality TV era.

“Cr8 ur own Reality.”

with Host

Award-winning Speaker, Author and Life Coach, @LaceyCClark of Sisters’ Sanctuary

Topic: “Ex’s”, “Wives”, and “Love.” Healthy Relationships in the Reality T.V. Era with Guest, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of

Thursday, 11/1/12 7-8pm EST

Rescheduled from 10/30/12 because of Hurricane Sandy.

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Lesson Learned: Eight (8) Reasons Why Ava DuVernay’s Award-winning “Middle of Nowhere” Interrupts the B.S. of the Reality TV Era.

Lesson Learned: Eight (8) Reasons Why Ava DuVernay’s Award-winning “Middle of Nowhere” Interrupts the B.S. of the Reality TV Era.

By Lacey C. Clark!

Ava DuVernay’s film has much to teach us in this  Reality TV Era. It is feminine film-making at its best. The film is soft, passionate and poetic. Although a fictional film, this story  gives… Continue reading

Rolling Out and Phenomenally U Partner to Reach Millons

Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Life Coach Lacey C. Clark! Introduces Phenomenally U Monthly Motivational Column

Phenomenally U will address the harmful stereotypes of young women in Reality TV era; the column debuts Thursday, Aug. 30 in rolling out

PHILADELPHIA, August 15, 2012 – Award-winning speaker, life coach, author, and filmmaker Lacey C. Clark! of Sisters’ Sanctuary presents Phenomenally U, a… Continue reading

P. U. Virtual Campus Events

Fourth Thursday of every month Lacey C. Clark’s Phenomenally U column  in  rolling out in 19 urban markets!

(Fourth Friday)Phenomenal Phriday  – Online discussions sessions prompted by  words of  wisdom shared by the All star panelist at  both Phenomenally U Summits. Discussion sessions take place in FB group.  Lacey C. Clark!’s #phenomenallyu

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Hear Lacey C. Clark! of Sisters’ Sanctuary talk about Solutions!
What People Are Saying!

    Sisters' Sanctuary's "Phenomenally U Program Proves Transformational for Young Sisters" -Rolling Out

    "U are phenomenal! Thankful for the work that you do! #blessed #purposedriven" Emmy Nominated Host (NBC), Lori Wilson

    "Great work you are doing Lacey!" -Fatin Dantzler, One Half of Kindred the Family Soul

    " My girlfriends and I attended Phenomenally U . I was so impressed. You touched on so many issues that I preach about to these teens as well as older women. This event was just confirmation to my soul. I really don't have much to say but you did an AWESOME JOB!" - C. Parker

    " I really enjoyed how we actually learned that Reality TV isn't real and how girls alter themselves to be like them. Girls think that it's alright to have sex and fight. That's not ladylike. Girls are not respecting themselves and I learned that from Phenomenally U." -A.J., 13 yrs

    "You did a Phenomenal Job! All girls of all ages should be hearing what you have to say. It is crucially important that they listen and take in this nutrition for the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart." -C. Carissa Parks

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The Documentary, "...And in Search of my Phenomenal."