Phenomenally U: Million Girl Challenge

In the fall of 2015, on my way to a class, I ran into the mother of a childhood friend. Let’s call her Ms. Valerie. She said that she was so happy to see me and that I had been on  her heart. She told me her freshman daughter was depressed  because she was having a challenging time adjusting to college life. Ms. Valerie’s daughter was considering dropping out or transferring to a simpler school … A school with fewer students, where she can feel like part of a class—and feel less stress, isolation and overwhelm. I knew there was a chance that her daughter could have already been a victim of sexual assault because of the statistics that point to the vulnerability of freshman women.

She had heard about my book, Phenomenally U and was very proud of me.  Ms. Valerie asked if I could talk to her daughter. I was happy to help under one condition. The condition was that she read Phenomenally U so that we can have a framework for conversation. She said she didn’t think that she could afford the book,  but I gave it to her in good faith knowing that it would help her daughter.

I thought about how Ms. Valerie’s daughter would be positively affected and strengthened by the insight.

I pondered the many barriers to access to needed information and walked  away thinking of how I could help more young women….give away more books.  This made me smile. There had to be a way to get books in the hands of all the young women who need them. But, how? How do I get this resource that has already helped thousands of young women into the hands of millions?


After much soul searching, The Phenomenally U: Million Girl Challenge was born. I thought that there had to be at least 1 million girls in this country who are preparing to go or who are already in college, and don’t know how to survive, thrive or even be safe during their college careers. AT LEAST 1 million. I know that there are more. In that moment I vowed that I would find a way for as many girls as possible to consume this life-changing information so that they too can be safe, smart,  and successful—not only in college, but in life.



How do we transform the pattern of ill prepared, abused, used and depressed young women in college?


The Phenomenally U: The MILLION GIRL CHALLENGE will give young women like Ms. Valerie’s daughter an opportunity to win. We need you to help our young women WIN nationwide. Let’s “each one teach one” so that they can teach each other. The Phenomenally U: Million Girl Challenge crowdfunding campaign goes live on January 27, 2016 at 9 am.


Can we count on you to sponsor young women on launch day?


Can we count on you to share the campaign with all those in your network to help us reach our goal?

I truly hope so.

Much love,

Lacey! and The Phenomenally U: Million Girl Challenge Team!

“Ms. Clark! manages to cover the major issues that young women face in fewer than 150 pages! This book is helpful, insightful, and very down to earth. Clark sets herself apart with the eight S’s of Phenomenally U. One in particular that stood out was the Self Care section. I found myself overwhelmed with school, clubs, and work. Trying to balance all these things, I found myself stressed and constantly anxious. After reading Phenomenally U, I learned to put myself first, and every 13th of the month, I focus on me.” 

- Talibah, Sophomore



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What People Are Saying!

    Sisters' Sanctuary's "Phenomenally U Program Proves Transformational for Young Sisters" -Rolling Out

    "U are phenomenal! Thankful for the work that you do! #blessed #purposedriven" Emmy Nominated Host (NBC), Lori Wilson

    "Great work you are doing Lacey!" -Fatin Dantzler, One Half of Kindred the Family Soul

    " My girlfriends and I attended Phenomenally U . I was so impressed. You touched on so many issues that I preach about to these teens as well as older women. This event was just confirmation to my soul. I really don't have much to say but you did an AWESOME JOB!" - C. Parker

    " I really enjoyed how we actually learned that Reality TV isn't real and how girls alter themselves to be like them. Girls think that it's alright to have sex and fight. That's not ladylike. Girls are not respecting themselves and I learned that from Phenomenally U." -A.J., 13 yrs

    "You did a Phenomenal Job! All girls of all ages should be hearing what you have to say. It is crucially important that they listen and take in this nutrition for the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart." -C. Carissa Parks

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