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The revelation hit like an Evelyn Lozada-hurled wine bottle.

Lozada, you see, is the Tasmanian devil, I mean, reality star of the VH1 ratings winner Basketball Wives. Not that she ever was a real basketball wife. She was the longtime live-in love of former Boston Celtic (now broke) forward Antoine Walker. She’s since moved on, engaged in blinding, multi-caret fashion to the NFL receiver formerly known as Johnson, Chad Ocho Cinco.

God bless the innocent souls — and castmates — who dared cross paths with Lozada and costar Tami Roman (the foulmouthed ex-wife of former NBA guard Kenny Anderson). As though petty, mean-girl bickering among 40-year-old mothers weren’t bad enough, the two descended into dangerous assault-and-battery behavior. And here’s the most troubling part: Instead of suffering consequences, all of their bullying, backstabbing, and bottle-throwing has afforded them fame and fortune.

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Philadelphia Sun

Reality TV has become an obsession of sorts, especially in the African American community. Love and Hip Hop, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives and the list goes on and on. VIBE Magazine recently crowned the stars of some of these shows “Our New Role Models”. These are role models who fight, scream, get drunk and pass out, are arrested or are involved with men who frequently do the same (very few Basketball Wives or Real Housewives are actually wives).

The sad fact is that outside of these reality shows, young women of color have very few positive role models in media, partly because sex and violence has become cool and acceptable on television. And while it is most entertaining to watch the “train wreck” we call reality television, in reality, the effect these types of shows have on our young women is severely detrimental.

Lacey Clark, Founder of Sisters’ Sanctuary hosted Phenomenally U: Three Candid Conversations about Sex, Self- Respect and Success in the Reality TV Era. This discussion, which was focused mostly on father/daughter relationships, took place at Jill Scott’s Blues Babe Foundation on Saturday June 30th.

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Rolling Out

Whether consciously or subconsciously, the eruption of bufoonery-filled black reality television programs is acutely and negatively impacting the behavior of young girls nationwide. But women like Lacey C. Clark! and Sisters Sanctuary are fighting to provide an emotional and psychological safe haven conducive to maturation and psychological development.

Clark, an award-winning speaker, author and life coach, has fashioned a program with an all-star community cast designed to intercept the corrosive and corrupting influences that reality TV is having on young women and teen girls with the inaugural empowerment event, “Phenomenally U: Three Candid Conversations About Sex, Self Respect and Success in the Reality TV Era.”

Featuring NBC’s Lori Wilson, Phenomenally U will take place on Saturday May 5 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Free Library’s Montgomery Auditorium and will include legendary hip-hop radio personality Lady B, R&B star Fatin Dantzler of Kindred and the Family Soul, small business expert Melinda F. Emerson, record label veteran Robin “Kheperah” Kearse, Dr. Nicole Maisha Monteiro, Dr. W. Soyini Powell and corporate exec Mary E. Wilson. They, along with Clark, will impart alternatives routes to perceived plateaus of success in life.

“A lot of women are defining themselves by the images that they see. They think that gossip is the normal part of the relationship between other young women,” says Clark. “We saw the Internet explode with when [some] women brutally beat another young woman because of the ‘gossip’ that she was [spreading] on Twitter. The concept of gossip or people talking about other people on Twitter has escalated because I think it’s part of the culture of what’s expected based on what’s on television.”

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Philly 360

Phenomenally U Summit

Saturday, May 5

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Free Library of Philadelphia – Montgomery Auditorium

1901 Vine Street

Join Lacey C. Clark, founder of Sister’s Sanctuary, as she moderates a candid, much needed conversation on sex, self respect and sucess for mothers and teen daughters in the age of reality TV.

Lacey will be joined by a seven-person all-star panel of experts that include, hip hop pioneer and radio personality Lady B, and one half of Philly’s own dynamic soul duo,Kindred’s Fatin Danzler. Together, this thought-provoking panel of  experts will discuss the communications challenges that exist between younger and older generations of women of color, and more importantly how we collectively can solve them

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WDAS Radio

Lacey C. Clark! talks with Patty Jackson.

The Reality Show Teen Summit is discussed.

A little about Patty Jackson: Everyone who knows Patty can attest that she is a workaholic, always lending her skills and talents to numerous organizations and functions throughout the Tri-State area. In addition to Patty’s love of music and entertainment, Patty has propelled herself as the Entertainment Queen of the 21st century. Patty keeps us informed with her 411 Hollywood Gossip throughout the show!

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WURD Radio

Lacey Clark, Founder of Phenomenally U, is Interviewed

This week on HealthQuest Live: Lacey Clark, Founder of Phenomally U. She has a very cool social media event happening tonight, (9/11) Focused on Reality TV and the corrosive effect on young black women. Topic: Evelyn Lozada: Violence, Values & Vision. Plus! September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month! ZEMORIA BRANDON AND DR. MARJORIE DEJOIE TO TALK ABOUT NEWS ON THE SICKLE CELL FRONT. LISTEN NOW

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Philadelphia Weekly

Phenomenally U
Looking at the news, it sometimes seems that teenagers have gone berserk. These past few years, Philly has seen mobs of teens beat people, rob stores and make YouTube videos about getting drunk on hand sanitizer. Are the media to blame? We don’t know. But the Sister Sanctuary empowerment company would like to reach out to teenagers and their mothers just in case, with their “Phenomenally U” program: three candid conversations about sex, self-respect and success for mothers and teen daughters in the reality TV era. The event aims to identify risk behaviors to eliminate incidences of bullying and domestic violence, expose and encourage images of success, and recognize and repudiate negative media images. The panelists will include hip-hop pioneer Lady B, Melinda Emerson, Dr. Doreen Loury (founder of Black Male Development Symposium) and Robin “Kheperah” Kearse of the Hip-Hop Project. -Abigail Bruley

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Hear Lacey C. Clark! of Sisters’ Sanctuary talk about Solutions!
What People Are Saying!

    Sisters' Sanctuary's "Phenomenally U Program Proves Transformational for Young Sisters" -Rolling Out

    "U are phenomenal! Thankful for the work that you do! #blessed #purposedriven" Emmy Nominated Host (NBC), Lori Wilson

    "Great work you are doing Lacey!" -Fatin Dantzler, One Half of Kindred the Family Soul

    " My girlfriends and I attended Phenomenally U . I was so impressed. You touched on so many issues that I preach about to these teens as well as older women. This event was just confirmation to my soul. I really don't have much to say but you did an AWESOME JOB!" - C. Parker

    " I really enjoyed how we actually learned that Reality TV isn't real and how girls alter themselves to be like them. Girls think that it's alright to have sex and fight. That's not ladylike. Girls are not respecting themselves and I learned that from Phenomenally U." -A.J., 13 yrs

    "You did a Phenomenal Job! All girls of all ages should be hearing what you have to say. It is crucially important that they listen and take in this nutrition for the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart." -C. Carissa Parks

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