Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Your Daughter Safe During Prom Night

Prom Night
Just like many other special events in life, prom night is one of the most thrilling and life defining moments for teenagers. This is an anxious and stressful time, not only for kids but for parents as well. Parents are concerned about the safety of their teenage daughters when it comes to prom night.

As a parent, and with the things you observed during prom night, or the experience you probably had, you get worried when prom night is approaching for your daughter. You know well that prom night is a night that many teenagers indulge in all kind of activities (some very unsafe), and drink to stupor because they are following the culture.

To make sure that your daughter has a great yet safe prom night, you may want to set some rules and guidelines for your daughter. Following are some ways to help you keep your daughter safe on this eventful night:

Make sure you know the plan

The first and the most important thing to consider is to know the entire plan. What time does it start and end? Where are they going for dinner? What safety procedures and rules has been put in place? What time will they be home or are they staying at a friend’s house or in a hotel? Will there be an after party? You should have answers to these questions. If your daughter is staying in a hotel or at friend’s house, then make certain that you have a way to contact her. Ask her to call you and check in when she gets there. Knowing all those details in addition to how responsible your daughter’s friends are will help you know what sort of boundaries you will have to set to feel comfortable.

Make sure you know everyone she is going with

Acquire a list of everyone that will be attending the prom and/or going out with your daughter after the prom. If you do not approve with someone going along with your daughter, let your daughter know about your concerns.

Talk About Drinking and Drug Use

If you haven’t done that already, now is the time to talk about the dangers of teen drug and alcohol use. If you’ve already discussed this, then it’s time for a refresher course. Your daughter needs to know that attending prom doesn’t mean ignoring your rules and when it comes to health and legal repercussions from the use of alcohol and drug by teens, there is no such thing as a ‘safety zone’. According to AAA survey of teenagers having age 16-19, approximately 41% teens tend to use alcohol or drugs on prom night.

Encourage Sober Fun

Encourage your daughter to be leader in peer pressure situations in solving sex and drugs. Your daughter doesn’t have to be a follower, she can be a leader by creating positive atmosphere for her friends and others. Encourage her to develop positive language that creates boundaries.

Talk About Relationships and Sex

Some teens consider prom night as an opportunity for sex. As a parent you have to make sure your daughter knows about the risks associated with sex at a young age. Be sure that she is aware of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to relationships and sex. According to a survey by Seventeen magazine, prom night isn’t an excuse to have sex. In the survey result, only 3% boys and 5% girls lost their virginity after prom night.

Talk it out

Do not make the mistake of assuming that your daughter can handle dangerous situations simply because she is a good kid. She may not know how to handle dangerous and risky situations, particularly if she has not faced one before. Instruct her on every possible situation and how she should respond in order to stay out of trouble.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then your daughter’s prom night should be memorable safer and fun.



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