Sisters’ Sanctuary Phenomenally U.(niversity)  brand offers learning tools, methods and solutions that will support teen girls and young women in the Reality TV Era in:
• Recognizing and repudiating negative media images
• Embracing and replicating principles of self-love and self-respect
• Providing tools and resources for their holistic development
• Exposing and encouraging images of success
• Identifying  risk behaviors to eliminate incidences of domestic violence, dating violence, and intimate partner abuse whether it’s emotional, psychological, physical, sexual or financial
-Building sisterhood.

Lacey C. Clark! and Sisters’ Sanctuary is available to present Any of the following topics can be delivered as a keynote, plenary, breakout session, workshop, training or webinar.

Choose one or book all four:

P.U Reality Check 101
P.U. Reality Check:  Success 101: “America’s Next Top Role Model”
P.U. Reality Check:  Self-respect 102: “Flavor of Self-love”
P.U. Reality Check:  Sex 103: “16+ and Responsible”

Discounted books:

Lacey C. Clark!’s books   (link to books) are available at a  discount if you wish to provide them as gifts to event attendees, and Lacey C. Clark! will agree to a book signing (no additional charge) for your attendees following her presentation(s).



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What People Are Saying!

    Sisters' Sanctuary's "Phenomenally U Program Proves Transformational for Young Sisters" -Rolling Out

    "U are phenomenal! Thankful for the work that you do! #blessed #purposedriven" Emmy Nominated Host (NBC), Lori Wilson

    "Great work you are doing Lacey!" -Fatin Dantzler, One Half of Kindred the Family Soul

    " My girlfriends and I attended Phenomenally U . I was so impressed. You touched on so many issues that I preach about to these teens as well as older women. This event was just confirmation to my soul. I really don't have much to say but you did an AWESOME JOB!" - C. Parker

    " I really enjoyed how we actually learned that Reality TV isn't real and how girls alter themselves to be like them. Girls think that it's alright to have sex and fight. That's not ladylike. Girls are not respecting themselves and I learned that from Phenomenally U." -A.J., 13 yrs

    "You did a Phenomenal Job! All girls of all ages should be hearing what you have to say. It is crucially important that they listen and take in this nutrition for the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart." -C. Carissa Parks

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The Documentary, "...And in Search of my Phenomenal."